Sept 3-6, 2020
Western Writers of America convention
Rapid City, South Dakota

This conference was originally scheduled for June 17-20. Because of the pandemic, it has been rescheduled for Sept, 3-6. I’m a long-time Western fan. Indeed, I consider my novel FIRST BLOOD to be a contemporary western about a modern gunfighter who isn’t allowed to hang up his guns. One of my novels, LAST REVEILLE, is a historical Western set in 1916 about “Black Jack” Pershing’s military “punitive expedition” into Mexico in pursuit of bandit Pancho Villa after Villa raided a US border town. The US military was practicing for its entry into WWI. I write for ROUNDUP MAGAZINE, the publication of Western Writers of America. I’m a board member. This lots-of-fun conference all be in Rapid City, SD, this year. See the WWA website for details.