The Protector

Title: The Protector
Published by: Warner Books
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The secret weapon developed by the man Cavanaugh is assigned to protect multiplies the effects of fear, incapacitating its victims. A lot of people want Daniel Prescott's secret, but Cavanaugh needs the antidote. When Prescott disappears after causing the death of the team charged with keeping him alive, Cavanaugh and his wife Jamie go after him in a high-speed chase that traps them between government agents and foreign operatives each racing to find the scientist. In this propulsive thriller, Morrell turns the tables so often that it's hard to separate the good guys from the bad ones, but that won't keep readers addicted to violence, treachery, and high-tech weaponry from staying with it to the last surprising chapter.


“The story unfolds quickly, accelerates to warp speed, and hurtles on to a stunning climax. Amazingly, in the midst of all the mayhem, Morrell draws more than a few complex characters imbued with layered motives and capable of intelligent dialogue. A wonderfully entertaining action adventure.”

“Spectacular action backed by the author’s hands-on research…A horrifying climax…It has more twists and turns than any other Morrell of the best of the genre.”
Associated Press 

“As one would expect from a veteran pro like Morrell, there are plenty of twists, several impressive action set pieces and a narrative that speeds like the souped-up Taurus (combining power and anonymity) that Cavanaugh likes to drive.”
Publishers Weekly


One of the reasons I like writing thrillers is that there’s so much room for experimentation. From the start, after First Blood, I was determined not to repeat myself and took action stories in many different directions. But a lot of readers associate my name with novels about spies, conspiracies, and international intrigue (The Brotherhood of the Rose, The Fifth Profession). Thirteen years after the latter novel, I decided to revisit the world of protective agents. I set myself two goals–1. to write a thriller that would have more action than I’ve put in any other book, and 2. to pack it full to bursting with fascinating tricks of the world of intrigue that I’ve learned in my continuing hands-on research (on one expedition, I broke my collar bone, getting acquainted with knives). The first two pages of The Protector thank some of the numerous experts who were generous enough to instruct me in tradecraft that has saved their lives. This book will teach you all kinds of unorthodox uses for duct tape, fishing sinkers, and chamois cloths.