Long Lost

Title: Long Lost
Published by: Warner Books
Pages: 310
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New York Times bestselling author David Morrell is back with a fast-paced tale of a man struggling to reclaim his abducted family from a stranger who may possibly be his long-lost brother. Brad Denning is a successful architect living a perfect life in Denver with his loving wife and son. Or so it would be, if not for the haunting memory of his brother Petey who disappeared while under Brad’s supervision when they were kids. Now, a man claiming to be his sibling mysteriously appears and Brad is eager to take him in. Petey is a welcome addition to the family until a camping trip goes terribly wrong and Brad returns home to find that his devoted wife and son have been abducted. Certain that Petey or whoever he may be is responsible for the horrible crime, Brad sets out to recover his family. Traveling alone through America’s heartland, Brad struggles to get to his family before the terrible secret of what really happened long ago destroys everything he cares about.


“The author of such suspense books as Desperate Measures and Black Evening has written another winner…Morrell admirably conveys the terror of losing a family member to unexplained circumstances and maintains the suspense until the last page.”
Library Journal

"...climaxes in mind-blowing madness reminiscent of Hitchcock...ingeniously written and constructed...”
Associated Press 

"A surprising and savvy departure for spymaster Morrell...Good storytelling, neatly plotted and admirably paced, Morrell's best in years."
Kirkus Reviews


After a couple of books that blended action, romance, and an artistic profession (Double Image and Burnt Sienna), it was time to go back to hard action. Once there were two brothers, Brad, age 12, and Petey, age 9. At a baseball game, Brad told Petey to get lost, and that's what happened. On his way home, Petey vanished from the face of the earth. Twenty-five years later, a man claiming to be Petey shows up. Once again, he disappears, but this time, he takes Brad's wife and son with him. In this harrowing novel of guilt and revenge, Brad sets out to learn the secrets of the past and the present. This is my first novel in the first person. The idea was that the first person perfectly communicated the loneliness, isolation, and emotional imprisonment that someone in Brad's position would feel.