Amazing Spider-Man

Title: Amazing Spider-Man
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After I wrote the six-part comic-book series, Captain America: The Chosen (2007), Marvel Comics asked me to write a two-part story, Spider-Man: Frost (2013). My purpose was to make Spider-Man and Peter Parker as human as I could and to emphasize the emotional toll of their heroic decisions. The story’s premise is that when a blizzard of the century engulfs New York City, Spider-Man faces an agonizing conflict, whether to help as many people as he can or whether to be selfish and devote all his energy to saving his aunt’s life.

Marvel gave me an unusual numbers of pages for this two-parter: thirty per issue. They also gave me the honor of working with a legendary illustrator, Klaus Janson (Batman: The Dark Knight, Daredevil, etc.) Steve Buccellatto colorized Klaus’s images, creating an astonishing glow in the blizzard sequences.

Unfortunately, the second issue was published with numerous errors (typos, missing captions, repeated captions, etc.), making this imperfect issue a collector’s item.

Thankfully, the printing mistakes were corrected when Spider-Man: Frost was later published in a trade paperback, along with Spider-Man stories by other writers. The book is called Amazing Spider-Man: Peter Parker—The One and Only. Because I was given more pages per issue than the other authors received, I have a proportionally large presence in the collection, even though there are five other contributors. In addition, I wrote an afterword for this trade paperback, in which I discuss the techniques of writing a comic book.